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Packaging Supplier in Cape Town, packaging comes in multiple forms and materials— From Moving Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Pallet Wrap, paperboard and bag packaging. Packaging can be sourced based on the application it is needed for, its cheapness, its durability, its ability to be recycled, and a variety of other factors.

We can provide standard or custom packaging as a product, it can also be offered as a service, or both can be offered depending on the company.

 We offfer a 5 Star Furniture Removal Service.

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Kwik Box is promoting Animal Anti Cruelty

We will donation R1 for every product purchased

Kwik Box is promoting Animal Anti Cruelty

We will donation R1 for every product purchased

Need a moving company?

Bubble Wrap is the only way to look after your valubles, ask all shipping companies.

Why Choose Bubble Wrap?

There are many ways that small businesses can set themselves apart from large-scale businesses. Packaging quality is equally as important as the quality of the product and Bubble Wrap. It is a part of the ordering process and impacts the customer more than you would expect. Packaging is an easy way to stand out against competitors and create a strong brand reputation.

Product protection is very important for your brand. The condition of your product upon delivery will impact your customer satisfaction. If it arrives damaged, your reputation will be equally as damaged.

Packaging and box inserts are an easy way to solve this problem. They reduce the risk of product damage and add further quality to your packaging.

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